Our revolutionary Dual Flex System instantly targets pain AND promotes lasting improvements in joint strength and flexibility!

If arthritis or frequent joint discomfort are holding you back, you need to know about the Dual Flex System! This duo of innovative products works synergistically to precisely target painful areas AND support overall joint function throughout the body.* Our system allows you to get fast relief from joint achiness and inflammation with a quick-absorbing and penetrating topical product, while our oral formulation is designed to optimize joint structure and function and boost range of motion over time. With the Dual Flex System, you can get pain relief that is practically INSTANT and PERMANENTLY enhance your joint health!

Flexoplex is the first component of the Dual Flex System. This joint supplement is made using a powerful blend of all-natural and safe extracts. Some of the ingredients in Flexoplex have been used to relieve arthritis symptoms for centuries, while others have stood up to rigorous testing by today's scientists.* Using premium ingredients in their clinically perfected concentrations and amounts has allowed us to develop an extremely effective product that delivers comprehensive results.

  • Improve the structure of weakened and damaged joints over time*
  • Enhance joint lubrication to move more freely*
  • Boost joint flexibility and range of motion*
  • Relieve joint soreness, swelling, and tenderness*
  • Improve overall joint mobility to better enjoy daily life*
  • Guard against future joint deterioration and decline*

Any of the benefits described above would likely be sufficient to convince somebody suffering from joint pain due to arthritis or injury to try Flexoplex. Being able to get ALL of these results from just one product makes giving Flexoplex a chance a simple choice! Including all-natural Flexoplex as part of your daily health routine is easy. Just swallow 2 tablets with water twice a day: once in the morning and once at night, about an hour before you go to bed. Flexoplex contains everything your body needs to rebuild weakened joints, defend against additional damage, improve joint lubrication, and reduce the severity of joint pain!*

Flexdermal is the other key part of the Dual Flex System. This soothing rub is applied directly to the skin to precisely target stubborn pain in specific muscles and joints. Flexdermal delivers a pleasant cooling sensation and quickly absorbs into the skin to:

  • Quickly soothe away aches and pains in sore, tender, or inflamed muscles and joints*
  • Act on signals and nerve endings in target areas to block and numb pain
  • Boost blood flow to muscles and joints that are causing pain and alleviate inflammation*
  • Reduce the stubborn soreness and unpleasant swelling that osteoarthritis and joint damage can cause*

Flexdermal penetrates into the skin quickly and is non-greasy, allowing you to get quick relief from joint discomfort caused by arthritis and muscle soreness due to overuse without worrying about making a mess or getting stains on your clothes.* Simply massage it over achy areas and savor the pain-relieving power of menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor!*

Dual Flex System
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What Will You Get From The Dual Flex System?

With the Dual Flex System, you can rediscover the incredible freedom of being able to move your joints without soreness and stiffness! Get soothing and quick-acting pain relief exactly when and where you need it, ease inflammation, allow your joints to move more easily by boosting lubrication, repair compromised tissues, and protect against further joint damage*…all of these results are within reach thanks to our revolutionary Dual Flex System. Place your order today and give yourself something that is absolutely priceless…the gift of living and moving with less pain!*

Formulated With Your Safety In Mind

Each ingredient in the Dual Flex System was chosen to deliver short-term and lasting pain relief and improvements to your joint function and health. To make sure the results you achieve are noticeable and consistent, we make each tablets of Flexoplex using potent herbal extracts in their standardized amounts. Each ingredient is premium quality and pharmacy grade, and Flexoplex is free from fillers, manmade additives, and compounds manufactured from harsh chemicals. We are committed to using only ingredients that are GMP laboratory certified, highly concentrated, and easily digestible.

Get Started Today…

You may have tried almost everything you could think of to address your distressing aches and pains, but your quest for relief ends here. There is no need to search any further. You can take the first steps toward improved joint health and a life free from joint pain by placing your order for the Dual Flex System right away!* We truly believe our system is the most comprehensive and scientifically sound approach to supporting and improving joint health ever developed!*