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QuoteiconOver the last 3 years I’ve tried nearly every Glucosamine and Chondroiton product on the market and I keep coming back to Flexoplex. I had a bad knee injury and had pain continuously. I opted away from surgery and Physical Therapy didn’t really help. My MD recommended taking OTC Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements in addition to prescription pain relievers to help manage the pain. None of the supplements I’ve tried have really worked but the Flexoplex. There have been times I’ve thought that my condition was improving so discontinued the Flexoplex to try to save a few bucks and the pain would once again return. Within a few days of taking the Flexoplex the pain would begin to diminish once again. I feel like I got a part of my life back with this product and all I can say is Thank You!**Quoteicon
– Mark T., San Diego, California
QuoteiconI have been using the Dual Flex System for about a year now after my cousin recommended it to me. I used to have a lot of pain in both elbows and knees. After using Flexoplex and Flexdermal for just a few days straight, the pain lessened significantly. Then when I stopped, the pain would come back to the level that I had experienced before using the product. My doctor says that there is no problem taking it continuously and I have found that if I simply take it daily then I get the best results. This product is terrific. I have tried a lot of similar products but this one is the best.**Quoteicon
– Michelle J., Plymouth, Minnesota
QuoteiconIn was a bit skeptical but now I am a believer. I was diagnosed with osteo-arthritis in my back, both hips and both knees with the right hip and knee even though I am only 51 years old. The pain was brutal. I am now on my 2nd bottle of Flexoplex and there is most definitely a positive difference. The pain is significantly less and I am just so much more mobile. Give the product a week or two to feel the effects. But once Flexoplex begins to kick in, you will feel like a whole new you…for the better.Quoteicon**
– Darren R., Bellevue, Washington
QuoteiconI have been taking the Dual Flex System for arthritis in my knees and back and it has decreased my pain significantly. My regular doctor recommended this product to me to reduce inflammation. It works extremely well. Unfortunately I have run out it a couple of times and the pain returns because my body is so beaten up. I have reordered the system time and again and it arrives very quickly to my home. This is a great product recommend it to any one with chronic pain who doesn’t want to risk the side effects of prescription drugs or lesser productsQuoteicon**
– Denise R., Ames, Iowa
QuoteiconUnbelievable product, I was in a car accident and I had physical therapy sessions 4 times a week nearly three months. When therapy was over, I still had significant radiating pain in my lower back and hip area. I purchased Flexoplex and after 7 days I immediately noticed a huge difference. Well, to make a long story short, I have been using this for several months now and my back and hip pain are all but gone. I know there is no such thing as a “magic pill” but this product is absolutely phenomenal!Quoteicon**
– Ken S., Overland Park, Kansas
QuoteiconI have been using the Dual Flex System for few months already. It has helped my knee soreness and pain so much that I try and make it a point not to run out of it. This product will take care of inflammation for you. Far better than my pain reliever, with no side effects. Best price I’ve found here and I got free shipping also. This is my fourth time ordering. I would recommend this product to anyone with joint pain.Quoteicon**
– Rachel R., Phoenix, Arizona
QuoteiconAs both a professional physical therapist, and as someone who has my own share of aches and pains, Flexoplex is without a doubt one of the best joint supplements that I’ve found come across in 17 years. Unlike many prescription medications which are both expensive and have some unwanted side-effects, this product does the job and at an affordable price. I use it daily, and recommend it to many of my patients. It’s an excellent product!Quoteicon**
– Debra R., Cary, NC
QuoteiconFor nearly 20 years 5 days a week I have worked doing heavy duty labor construction. As you can imagine my body has taken on a significant amount of stress from all of the heavy bending and lifting. Past year I really started to feel the aches and pains of all of those years of doing heavy duty labor. I have been taking the Dual Flex System for nearly two months and I have noticed a significant decrease in the pain in my knee joints and elbows. This system is working extremely effectively and I would recommend it to everyone.Quoteicon**
– Garth F., Rowlett, Texas
QuoteiconMy husband has constant shoulder knee pain from years of installing carpet for a living. We have been renovating our house for the past year, and the pain in his knees just kept getting worse. He couldn’t lift bend his knees and they were literally swollen after a day of working. He bought a bottle of Flexoplex and after just a few days of taking them, he said he his pain is all but gone. and the swelling has disappeared. He has been taking them daily since, and loves them. This product really works! It helps reduce pain and inflammation.Quoteicon**
– Patricia H., Provo, Utah
QuoteiconI am so glad I found Flexoplex! I was dealing with inflammatory joints by taking aspirin and other medications for far too long and I was really getting worried about the overall impact to my health. It was so great to find an all natural product like Flexoplex that actually works well. I have completely eliminated the aspirin and medication and all I take is Flexoplex, and my pain levels have been reduced significantly.Quoteicon**
– Sheila D., Ocean City, Maryland
QuoteiconFlexoplex is one product that works as claimed. There’s a tremendous amount of science behind the product and some well done clinical studies that support the product claims, and more. I personally find the anti-inflammatory arthritis pain and stiffness relief to be about 85% of what a prescription NSAID does. Flexoplex is one of those products that you don’t really appreciate it until you run out.Quoteicon**
– Matt S., Brooklyn, New York
QuoteiconI read about Flexoplex while training for a marathon and I started to get some serious aches and pains in my joints. Recovery from training was really difficult so I decided this product might be worth a try. 6 months later and I have been taking ever since. Helps my recovery faster. No morning stiffness and no joint pain. If I go off of the Flexoplex for even a week I really notice the impact on my body. This is a fantastic product!Quoteicon**
– Frank C., Bergenfield, New Jersey
QuoteiconI have only been taking Dual Flex System for a month and I am seeing a remarkable improvement. I take the product as directed and my joint inflammation and pain are almost-non existent. It’s definitely hard to pinpoint when taking a supplement like this is such a big impactor but my joints feel really good. Also, I get no upset stomach like some other supplements I wish I had known about this product sooner. I am very impressed with the prompt arrival and price of this product. Two thumbs up.Quoteicon**
– Lance G., Shawnee, Kansas
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