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Marcus N.
Thank You for Making this Amazing Product
- Marcus N. 5 star
QuoteiconAfter trying a large number of chondroitin and glucosamine products over the span of three years, I keep returning to Flexoplex each time. I severely injured my knee and was experiencing constant pain. I wanted to avoid surgery if at all possible, and physical therapy was not very helpful. My doctor told me to try taking over-the-counter supplements containing glucosamine and chondroitin along with the pain relievers being prescribed to me. Flexoplex is the only one of these supplements that really worked. At times I thought my condition was getting better so I stopped taking Flexoplex, but each time my effort to save a few dollars resulted in the pain coming back. Once I resumed taking Flexoplex again the pain would start to subside within a few days. I feel as though my quality of life has improved because of Flexoplex. Thank you for your product!Quoteicon **
Mandy K.
Tremendous Pain Reliever
- Mandy K. 5 star
QuoteiconMy cousin told me about the Dual Flex System, and I have been using it for around a year. In the past I experienced a great deal of knee and elbow pain. After I used Flexoplex and Flexdermal for a few days in a row, I noticed a significant reduction in my soreness. As soon as I stopped, the pain would return to the same level as before I started using the system. I asked my doctor about using Flexoplex, and he did not see any issues with me taking it on a regular basis. That was good news, because I have found that I get the most relief from taking the product daily. I would describe Flexoplex as terrific. After trying many similar products, I can confidently say that I find this one to be the best.Quoteicon**
Daryl S.
Efficiently Worked for Me
- Daryl S. 5 star
QuoteiconI am an osteoarthritis sufferer who was experiencing pain in the back, hips, and knees. This was a major blow to me as I am just 51, and the pain was severe. I was skeptical about Flexoplex at first, but not anymore. I got through my first bottle and am now on my second, and I definitely notice a difference. There is less pain and my mobility has improved. It took a couple of weeks to feel the full effects, but after that I felt like a whole new person.Quoteicon **
Denise R.
I would Recommend this Product to Anyone
- Denise R. 5 star
QuoteiconThe Dual Flex System has noticeably reduced the arthritis pain I was experiencing in my back and knees. Someone recommended it to me to reduce inflammation, and it works very well. I have run out of the product a few times, and the pain comes back, I guess because my body is in such rough shape. I have ordered the system many times and it always arrives promptly. I would recommend this product to anyone dealing with chronic pain who is looking for a natural product that will not produce unwanted side effects.Quoteicon **
Kenneth B.
In My Book this Product is Truly Remarkable
- Kenneth B. 5 star
QuoteiconThis product is unbelievable! After being in a car accident I went to physical therapy several times a week for almost three months. Unfortunately, even after the therapy, I was still experiencing widespread pain in my lower back and hips. I decided to buy Flexoplex, and after just one week I noticed a big improvement. To sum up, after several months of using Flexoplex the radiating pain I was feeling in my lower back and hip area is practically gone. I realize there is no such thing as a magic fix, but in my books this product is truly remarkable!Quoteicon **
Rachael R.
I Would Tell Anyone to Try this Product
- Rachael R. 5 star
QuoteiconBecause the Dual Flex System has relieved my knee pain and soreness, I make an effort to always have the product on hand. I find it very useful for reducing inflammation, and there are no negative side effects. I have reordered four times. In my opinion the price is very fair, and the free shipping is definitely a bonus. I would tell anyone experiencing joint pain to give this product a try.Quoteicon **
Debbie A.
Flexoplex is Such an Excellent Product!
- Debbie A. 5 star
QuoteiconI work as a physical therapist, and I also know what it is like to live with aches and pains. In my opinion Flexoplex is one of the top joint supplements I have come across over the past 17 years. Unlike some approaches to managing joint pain that are very expensive and have negative effects on the body, Flexoplex is affordable and made without harmful ingredients. I use it every day myself, and I recommend it to others because it is such an excellent product!Quoteicon **
Gary W.
I Would Definitely Recommend to Flexoplex
- Gary W. 5 star
QuoteiconI worked in the heavy-duty labor construction field for almost two decades. Not surprisingly, doing this type of work five days a week has taken a toll on my body. Last year, I began to experience the effects of all that heavy lifting and bending in the form of aches and pains. I started using the Dual Flex System almost two months ago and my knee and elbow pain is much less severe. This system has been very helpful for me, and I would tell anyone in a similar situation to try it.Quoteicon **
Patty O.
Effective Way to Reduce Both Inflammation and Pain
- Patty O. 5 star
QuoteiconMy husband worked for years as a carpet installer, and this left him with constant pain in his knees and shoulders. This past year we have been working on renovating our home, and his knee pain was worsening over time. After a day of working on the house, his knees were visibly swollen, and he had trouble even bending and lifting them. He decided to purchase a bottle of Flexoplex, and within a few days his knee pain and swelling had all but disappeared. Since then he has been taking Flexoplex every day. He loves the product, and finds it to be an effective way to reduce both inflammation and pain.Quoteicon **
Matthew B.
How Great the Flexoplex is!
- Matthew B. 5 star
QuoteiconFlexoplex definitely lives up to its promises. I am impressed by the amount of science behind it. There are even some clinical studies that support the claims made about the product's benefits. I have personally experienced great relief from my arthritis pain and joint stiffness after taking Flexoplex. I don't fully appreciate just how great the product is until I run out.Quoteicon **
Fred D.
Flexoplex is an Amazing Solution
- Fred D. 5 star
QuoteiconI first read about Flexoplex when I was training for a marathon and began to experience aching and painful joints. My joint discomfort was making it hard to recover after my training sessions, so I thought to myself that Flexoplex might be worth a try. That was six months ago, and I have been taking it on a daily basis ever since. I have noticed that I can recover faster during training, and I am not as stiff and sore in the morning. If I stop taking Flexoplex for even a short time I can really notice the effects on my body. Flexoplex is an amazing solution for joint aches and pains!Quoteicon **
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