Make-up Makeover!

Make-up Makeover!

We don’t need to tell you that, as you age, your hair and skin take on a completely different texture and tone – you already know that! While you’ve realized that your usual make-up routine just isn’t working for you anymore, you may not be sure how to update it. Read on for some simple changes you can make that will give you a fresh, updated look and get you out of that dreaded make-up rut!

Lay the Foundation

As with most things, you have to start with a solid foundation and your make-up is no different. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a heavier ‘full coverage’ foundation as you get older – all that will do is make your complexion look ‘cakey’ and aged. Instead, go for a lighter, moisturizing liquid that will give you the coverage you need while leaving your skin dewy and refreshed. Our skin often becomes paler as we get older, so opt for warmer shades that won’t make you look washed out.

It’s a Cover-up

Even though most of us will have outgrown the blemished, acne-prone skin of our youth, a good concealer is still your best secret weapon! If covering age spots is your objective, go for a concealer that’s a shade darker than you’d normally choose – something that’s too light will simply make the discoloration look ashy and draw more attention to it. If you experience broken capillaries and redness around the nose, apply a few dots of concealer in the area and, using your fingertips or make-up sponge, blend in an outwards motion over your cheeks.

Frame Your Face

A good eyebrow is essential to your overall look, framing your face and drawing attention to your eyes. If over-plucked eyebrows never grew back or you find they’re just sparser then they used to be, don’t fret! A good eyebrow pencil and a light hand will soon have your brows looking lush again. Just make sure you don’t try to change the natural shape of your brow or over-extend the length, and use light, feathery strokes to fill in any gaps rather than a solid line that will appear cartoonish – not a good look for any age!

Light and Bright

As you know all too well, things start to droop as we get older and our faces are no different! By emphasizing the top half of your face, attention is taken away from the lower, heavier areas, giving your whole appearance an instant lift. To make your eyes really pop, stay away from ‘muddy’ browns or dull neutral tones and opt instead for richer jewel palettes. A light sweep of highlighter over the brow bone will lift the entire area while blue mascara, rather than black or brown, will make the eyes appear whiter and brighter. And, if you’ve never used an eyelash curler before, now is the time! Curling your lashes will open the entire eye giving you a youthful, perkier appearance.

Berry Beautiful

Forget the harsh lines and bold colors you used to sport in your younger days and get fruity! When it comes to your cheeks and lips, think berries, plums and apricots in matte textures. Avoid any dreaded ‘bleed’ into the fine lines around the lips by using a primer and lip liner to keep everything firmly in place and add instant volume to thinner lips with a dab of highlighter blended into the center, top and bottom. Create a natural, rosy bloom by applying blush to the lower part of the cheek ‘apple’ to avoid having it settle (and accentuate!) any undereye creases which will distract from your eyes.

Growing older is all about embracing who we are – your natural, softer new look will allow your confidence and inner beauty to shine!

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